#Equality: Whether Curvy or Skinny LOOK GOOD #NakimuliInc

HARARE – Totally love this label I found on Instagram this morning, it embraces both plus size and straight size women. Unlike other designers that punish women of bigger sizes with bigger prices, Nakamuli is all about loving whichever shape and form you come in. Yes I am done with designers saying all sorts and charging different for bigger women. I have been told my body is irregular, I have been advised to “workout”, to fit into a dress or clothing….[not gonna happen for a while though people].

I care about this equal rights for curvy and skinny women in clothing because I for one am in the middle of a fat chick and a medium size chick. I am kinda chubby, not plus size and not sample size. No diet is going to make me try make me lose my mid section. I GOT WORK!!! I do not have extra time to be going on some gyming personal trainer get thin now diet to lose weight unless I change my mindset and love myself regardless.

In fact, I started this blog to deal with the big butt I struggle to get into my jumpsuit and jeans on the daily,

It’s become a bit bad, I even look at overweight guys and think “HE CUTE THOUGH”, yes, can we give people a break. If you going to work and got your mind on your money and your money on your mind. Lose the weight slowly, try to be healthy, but there is no reason AT ALL, to lose your sense of fashion because you above sample size.

Here’s Nakimuli’s gorgeous lookbook, I love the cutout swimsuit as well.


Clothing, both the classical and the innovative, is fueled by imagination. Nakimuli Inc aims to go beyond the traditions of women’s fashion and explore more of the imagination, what could be rather than what should be. The world we live in often dictates what we should wear and creates millions of it. We at Nakimuli want to create a fashion revolution: replace the cookie cutter model with one that embraces individuality, comfort, and fun. Become your own trendsetter. Dream. Explore. Dare.

The Little Lady Behind It All

Owner + designer Tennille McMillan established Nakimuli Inc in 2009. Tennille’s first love is modern dance, which may explain her love for jersey fabrics. Growing up in the hoods of Bushwick and East New York, Brooklyn, Tennille always stood out as “the weird one” with her unique style of dress. But she used that to her advantage and began teaching herself how to sew after graduating from high school at age 16. Tennille developed her skills by making clothes for family members and costumes for fellow dance students at Hunter College. After graduating with a BA in dance, Tennille decided to pursue clothing design instead of dancing professionally. That is when Nakimuli began to take shape. Tennille still designs naKIMuli in her hometown of Brooklyn, NY.

Source: nikamuli.com

This Swimsuit has to be MINE!!! Nakimuli.com
This Swimsuit has to be MINE!!! Nakimuli.com

Keep It Real,

Stay Fabulous



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