Winning @De_MOYO with @MappAfrica an app designed for #Africans

HARARE During HIFA while others had an opportunity to see the hub of creativity in the festival. I had access to the In Design Zimbabwe

Orange Backless DeMOYO dress
 Backless DeMOYO dress

gallery at NGZ, of which I later went to East Africa, missing the whole of HIGH.

It is at the gallery DeMOYO was exhibiting her brand in collaboration with MAPPAFRICA, an apolitical platform to share about Africa with a chat place, and section for music from Africa and creative insight. You earn points from participating, chatting,  listening to music etc.

Now just imagining the potential it has to get fashion bloggers from around Africa to share about independent fashion designers that are not as known within Africa. Musicians, Creatives, Entrepreneurs can maximise this to increase their network within the continent. At least I think so.

The competition was to possibly win DeMOYO merchandise. I happened to be in the top three users, designed by Brian a Zimbabwean. This platform is amazingly bringing people together…download the app and see for yourself tell me what you think.

And the dress being made for me is the orange backless one, which needs alterations to fit my BOOTYLICIOUS SELF..




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