@Ms_DeMOYO now available at #TRUWORTHS Sam Levy’s Village in Harare

HARARE, Borrowdale – 30th of May at Truworths at Sam Levy’s Zimbabwean 14 year old fashion brand, DeMOYO was launched as one of the brands sold in the store.

Frieda, Head of Marketing for Truworths Woman said this is the second local designer to be carried by Truworths. She expects DeMOYO to have also be successful like the other local brand.

The collection has comfortable pieces, talking to the model Soraya said the DeMOYO brand has a flair unlike the other usual Truworths brands in store. All models unanimously said the clothes are comfortable.

What makes this launch even more special is that the designer Paidemoyo Chideya wears her heart on her sleeve and was overwhelmed with joy as she spoke.

Zimbabwean fashion has a long way to go however seeing a brand like Truworths take on independent fashion designer labels from Zimbabwe is a good sign. In the past designers started out as designers working behind the scenes.

Check out the pics I took of the models, and the clothing has TRUWORTHS price of clothing get yourself some DEMOYO!

DeMOYO dress
DeMOYO dress

IMG_20140531_021605 IMG_20140531_022659 IMG_20140531_023646 IMG_20140531_022844


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