Harare – I am finally back in Zimbabwe,  till further notice and the fashion season is slowly encroaching.
Here’s what 2014 has for us so far in terms of fashion events and industry.

HIFA – HIFAshion show 2014
FWZ – FASHION WEEKEND ZIMBABWE 2014 and associated workshops.

Ruebabez and KarenPaida volunteer as Vault Models for the dillish by vault lipstick


Whilst I been critical of the fashion industry leaders before, it must have been around last year I think it’s time I get us consumers straightened. (No shade..just plain getting things into perspective)

Zimbabwe is not a land of opportunities for most people,  there is greed from those who have. ( ahem…The Salary scandal demonstrates this). But after several bouts of depression and frustration I decided to let go of these things.

Don't let the smize fool yah...It's not glamorous expect to work for learning when it comes to some of these industries

I read a post by a model/blogger, the multi talented ZimFashionDiary was talking her disappointment in getting a payment. Another blogger I know, and a friend of mine are yet to be paid for their services from industry leaders.

Perhaps it’s a lack of integrity but it could be purely financial and mismanagement of funds…however as participants future employees or part time we also have a duty.

Yes this fashion loving lifestyle means you probably spend more money than you gain. That’s how you make it in fashion often you intern and work your way in for MAHALA! (I honestly also regret not doing engineering instead)

I ALSO come from a home where I have to actually do odd jobs for my parents for them to continue giving me an allowance. For example I blog only when I can afford to make the trip, work for experience. .make links you might find a future investor employer partner as part of your experience.  If there is no contact to a contact…I agree you might be wasting your damn time.

Have a purpose for attending participating and perhaps that contract means absolutely nothing to the ones you helping but MAKE THE BEST PUT OF THE OPPORTUNITY.

LET’S GET INVOLVED AND STOP EXPECTING anything but the experience. FOR fashion to work out..consumers its time we support what is LOCAL …even if we know they could do better.

Have a good day.

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