#GetToKnow about ‘Shoe Passion by SHUN’ 1 [SPONSORED]

Zimbabwe – the past two years Shun has been selling shoes from all over the world to the Zimbabwean Market.

Find heir current stock on their Facebook page ‘Shoe Passion by Shun’ to order a pair that will be delivered in 3 weeks!

In this ten day series we get to know more about this brand!

Collage of Shoes Selfies

Why the PASSION for shoes??
SHUN: Growing up I always loved shoes whether my size or not but could not afford to spoil myself with loads of pairs of shoes! I always wanted to own a lovely pair of shoes, SO when I could afford to buy myself shoes… I just went crazy and fell in love with SHOES. (What girl doesn’t want to have a great pair of shoe she feels comfortable in???)
I BELIEVE THAT when you give a girl good pair of shoes she can conquer the world.

Also sells cute dresses and accessories


What I like about the shoes is the selection is definitely on trend and stylish pairs of shoes.

Till tomorrow’s post!

This is a sponsored series of blog posts for Shoe Passion by Shun by Concrete Jungle Fashion, if you want to promote your brand contact Robin Chaibva on the contact information on the site”.

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