“Natural Hair inonetsa!” – “Natural hair is problematic” – Salon nightmare

Harare – After my degree my relaxed hair started shedding.  Not a result of chemicals per say but stress related possibly.

So yesterday I decided to walk into a  random salon to get my weave un installed and a much needed protein treatment. I also came with my carrot oil by ORS  as my hair oil.

Hairstyle of Choice
What I wanted was a blow wave. Straight hair. I didn’t get that hairstyle since she was using the wrong brush and her blow drier had no pointy nozzle.
She kept asking up till when I was going to keep my hair natural…I have never thought of that. I just don’t want the feel of relaxer on my scalp.
After barely even styling a decent afro from my hair I asked her to style it. And after I decided to go home and do it myself.
She then said “kungoti Natural Hair inonetsa!”. Then I said No just say hamuigone – you’re the one who can’t style it.

In an African country our people of African descent cannot style their hair.?@!

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2 thoughts on ““Natural Hair inonetsa!” – “Natural hair is problematic” – Salon nightmare

  1. It irritates me that so many Africans are comfortable with not knowing how to handle their natural looks; especially hair. Why haven’t we invested time and effort into discovering what our hair needs to look amazing?

    No, we still relaxing our hair and combing it like we were taught by white people who have hair that is straighter and harder than ours. You shud see the way people react to not combing hair… when are we going to get this; combs were never meant for black people’s hair.


    1. My hair tangles so combing is not an issue I take too deeply, we have afro combs at least… I think its just the negative perceptions towards it, but it has become trend with Danai Gurira and Lupita bringing on the afro hair and kinky hair pieces… but I couldnt help but feel ugly in a tiny fro


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