Zimbabwean Media Keep Failing WOMEN #263Chat

Hello, this article is rather unorthodox for what this blog is about, but it’s an introduction to how I have grown from fashion blogging to digital journalism understanding. I now use the same fashion critical eye for fashion, for media.
After reading the Tinopona Article on her uterine disease that causes fertility problems, I thought WOW Zimbabwean Media fails women TOO! I read a tweet disagreeing with HER ZIMBABWES ARTICLE on it, and I thought lemme add to the plurality and agree with HER.

Websites like ZimbabweFocus.com and MyZimbabwe.co.zw have appalling headlines. With Zimbabwe focus saying “Infertile Tin Tin, Naida Team Up“, “Small buttocks save girl (6) from rape“. My Zimbabwe said “I can’t get pregnant: reveals sex tape DJ Tinopona Katsande“.

The insensitivity to the way they report this tabloid like manner on serious social issues that have public interest, instead turn it into interest to the public. While to be honest, I have seen social media as a terrible platform as celebrities will always be seen as entertainment, and never as normal citizens.

What I was mostly disappointed with by NEWSDAY Zimbabwean newspaper website, an institution under the journalism practice. Where a celebrities health information is reported by an ENTERTAINMENT REPORTER.

NewsDay Article by Silence Charumbira (Entertainment Reporter)
NewsDay Article by Silence Charumbira (Entertainment Reporter)

While there is an obvious problem with mentioning her scandal and calling her “BATTERED” as the first word of the article, another problem is that it was reported in the ENTERTAINMENT section. A Male, insensitive to the severity of the issue, simply stated her scandal reputation and accused her of announcing this to clean up her image.

But before her announcement on Facebook yesterday morning, all this should have been viewed as seeking to clean her image. – SILENCE CHARUMBIRA (NewsDay Entertainment Reporter)

In defence of battered word use, they justified as her image being battered. (Sounds shady to me!)

Who is entertained by endometrosis? Who NEWSDAY? WHO!! While Mail and Guardian is a leader in analysing news in South African independent media, NEWSDAY under the same AMH ownership is just a disgrace. I am not impressed, after winning an innovation award in digital media at Highway Africa 2013 this is an utter loss.

NEWSDAY is part of the global media that continues to fail the women. Instead of mentioning the successes of Tinopona in television part of the Studio263 soap, ZIFM radio hosting a morning show, making the Cover of JEWEL, surviving the public scrutiny on her relationship, NEWSDAY scandalised her endometrosis!

Let’s stop shaming women in the way we report news. Already poor representation of women in events about social media, debates on digital social change, women achieve so much and very little is reported in a respectful manner. The world is made of men and women, these male led organisations need to stop spreading their judgements, because they are OUT OF ORDER!


My views are grounded on my education in Media, Post Graduate Diploma in Media Management. Under the wings of Zimbabwean media guru Francis Mdlongwa now the Director of the institute. He has inspired a pan-Africanism thought in my practice of media, with Peter DuToit Deputy Director helping me realise my role as a leader. This example is one example of the many atroticious reporting.


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