THROWBACK: New Year, New Things 2014 and beyond

It’s 2014 and wow this is the new year where I was watching reruns of Come Dine With Me South Africa at midnight. Looking back at 2013, I met some really cool people during my diploma in Media. I move back to Zimbabwe….admittedly for my then relationship and then BAM Christmas eve..this chick got DUMPED.

It’s a new year, so awks…so LET me make some new years resolutions. It’s that voice speaking to me,

1. Stop thinking you know the future, resolutions are ideas and sometimes life changes the script on you. This list is a guide not a prophecy.

2. Stop over thinking everything and believing in your own hype. You are human and success is not an overnight achievement

3. Listen to Oprah, keep believing and always do your best and do things excellently.

So 2014 is a mystery and I want the best for it… just like every other year before I hoped for the best. This year I hope to give myself a break from all this goal achieving. I have removed an active Twitter and Facebook life, comparing myself with strangers and frenemies. Let me just be me

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Happy 2014
With love
R. To the O. to the bin

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