Guest Blogger: natural hair care regimen

This post features a guest blogger on her success of growing her hair naturally. After using Castor Oil and Coconut Oil thanks to PhroPhro blog. Here is her story.

My name is Patience and after being natural as a result of my relaxed hair never growing, I got dreadlocks. With dreadlocks my hair still required care and eventually undid my locks to rock natural hair. This is me with shrinkage..

My hair was a hot mess after microbraiders showed no mercy on my hairline.


I do not shampoo my hair often. I use Tresemme conditioner and keep it in for 30 minutes under a cap with no heat

I base my scalp with Castor Oil and my ends I use Coconut Oil for the oiling of my hair. I have 4B hair.

With those minor changes my hair now has minimal breakage. Now I have shoulder length.  taking care of your hair will benefit you in the long run without needing too many products.


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