#BlackHair Halo: Stylin’ Your Fro’

So now that I have a little afro, first thing you need is an Afro comb. Make sure it is good quality to avoid any mishaps. Unless you decide to straighten it, or weave it all in you need to figure out a styling mechanism. The Afro is the simplest way with the aid of a afro comb you can rock this 80s vibe. But you have to style it to make it work in case you need to adjust. I suggest the following solutions

1. Get YOUR make-up on! Bald girls do it all the time, amp up the make up in order to detract attention from their eccentric hairstyle. You need to be the ultimate perfection, well simply put, some bronzer/blush, foundation, strong eye makeup/mascara and good brows. styling a fro 2. Get your SWAG on, Accesorise! Get you some accessories, my solution is some earrings like from the 80’s to compliment the style and at times a headwrap/turban to just hide it or headband to pull it away from your face. Put on some shades, and wear some popping eccentric vintage vibes to stand out as the unique mamacita you are! PAGE-1 3. Protective Styling it! The daily routine and washing it with conditioner daily may not be possible when you are out on holiday or super busy with assignments [ yes it needs some conditioner and washing on occasion]. Get some braids or an Afro weave like the queen of afro, whose style adapted to her hairstyle.. SOLANGE. Put some curl with flexi rods or get some box braids, SolangeKnowlesAfroBraidsHaiBasically it’s letting your inner DIVA out and matching your personality to it, not sure when I will have the courage but my style is definitely having to adjust to my afro. Robin Disclaimer, my Afro was not a conscious decision for a higher reason or influenced by the fact that both my sisters are natural haired, but because of stress I started cutting my hair at the back and it ended being just an Afro. My skin has a reaction and relaxer will hurt it,


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