#BlackHair Complex: Let’s Talk African Hair Politics Part I

I tried transitioning and this year after almost giving up, my hair fell out… I think it’s because of a skin irritation but my hair was like “BYE”, at least the relaxed ends could not deal. Now I have an Afro… and I am not loving the shrinkage. I am so afraid of getting it photographed and am thinking how my one inch fro’ is going to look descent… and I am thinking about it often. And yet I see this great appreciation for hair, as people cut their hair, post on instagram I am busy worrying thinking, NDOITA SEI? What shall I do?

Now here is the thing, my hair and generally the black hair community is becoming a problem for me. They are confusing my once confident hair choices politicizing, and making them scientific with a touch of genetics per tribal origin.

Being a Kerry Washington fan, around the time I watched DJANGO and got the Kerry Washington ARISE Magazine copy, I wondered why I was looking at her hair texture liking its natural state. Then I figured I was a victim of internet polluting my thoughts.[Damn you social media!]

original kerry-washington-real-hair-django

1. Gazilion of Blogs and Products in stores for #TeamNatural

Hair companies are flooding the market with new products which are free of some chemicals, MIZANI coming in as a tactic for L’OREAL to rake in that natural hair money. MIZANI still has hair advertisements using hair pieces and the  hair bloggers springing up. Bloggers have become oil gurus with regimes of all sorts as women join forums and challenges to grow their hair long, buying all of them oils and creating hair potions.

2. While somewhere back in Zimbabwe…

Weave sellers are ample!  People selling hair on Facebook groups, Instagramming their bundles of weaves… [and have they forgotten the Kenyan horror story on the dead corpse hair that killed women in Kenya and gave some serious illness]. STILL the masses have resorted to selling these bundles of (Wait while we take a trip around the world): Indian, Brazilian, Mongolian, Malaysian, Chinese, Peruvian..and now on Instagram there’s Russian. All I want to know is.





7 thoughts on “#BlackHair Complex: Let’s Talk African Hair Politics Part I

  1. I totally agree, what is the matter with us?!! With that said, Zimbabwe will catch up with the rest of the world, I’m sure. I do see more naturals around, not even because it’s becoming a ‘movement’ but for other reasons… Good luck with your hair experiences… 🙂


    1. Funny enough I try to put a weave on and the plaiting is sometimes not good for aeration and cleanliness of my hair…i do weave afro lines whatever i just need my hairline and ends healthy regardless…heck i do my own hair sometimes


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