The Fabulous Life of a magazine intern in Zimbabwe

Okay so maybe I wasn’t like Carrie Bradshaw or like in the movie The Devil Wears Prada…But I was like Rebecca Bloomwood from confessions of a shopaholic. The title is meant to mislead you.

So I interned for two popular brands in my country. The two years old brand JEWEL and the been MIA for a decade but was launched in 1953 , PARADE.

Such an experience but note that I was often the oldest intern I guess I entered the media field after my degree. Besides that I have to give credit to my blog for opening the doors for me.

In fact my story with Jewel Magazine started in 2011 when I applied to be s fashion Journalist with them. And surprise surprise I did not get a chance,  go figure it was mid year and I had a Geography degree. I was super jobless and educated so later on I started working on my be my own publisher you know. Zimbabwe was tough for me to adjust. Needless to say because I am resilient I applied for my school credit, with some experience from blogging and having every issue.


And that’s me strategically standing next to the Editor, intentionally.

I got to work for Mucha as well which was cool because I love fashion and am good at acting like I know it.

For Parade all I had to do was send an application through an email I found on the site. It’s my blogging that got me an added bonus.


Being an unpaid intern is great because I didn’t have to act a certain way in the fear of being fired. Worked my butt off like I was getting paid lots and behaved honestly.  This time the honesty was received well. I also dressed casual which is cool.
Much Love and Respect


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