I LOVE you @Ndau_jewelry! There I said it!

Fashion, Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe Fashion Week

I am clumsy with headlines forgive me but this is a love post to Ndau. WOW I missed the show unfortunately (reason is it is so complicated being a student). At Zimbabwe Fashion Week Ndau debuted a runway show. They showed Harare that Victoria Falls is the town of creatives.




Photos speak of all the magnificent show they had. Also accessories for Ammara Brown who wore Zuvva, were done by this cool tribe.


What I think is the recipe to their success is the eclectic mix of cultures and background of the designers. Each designer has a story to tell and a message. The combination is surprising yet cohesive collections that follow their theme and unique inspirations.

Elephant’s Walk Victoria Falls is where you can find them. I remember last October visiting them. What a cool vibe.

Peace and Awesomeness


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