Crazy about MakeUp in #Harare

Not sure why I haven’t blogged about my obsession with make up yet. Perhaps I am that thing people go through when they never get round to relax, busy they call it!

After working at JEWEL *Yeah I have to remind people* (19 days) and after my sister’s wedding I saw the magical power of make up for photos. Two make up artists I want to talk about actually know each other.  That is Jackie and Abby

Vault Cosmetics by Jackie Mgido

Based in Hollywood Jackie launched her brand in Harare last year building a network of popular faces. She is JEWEL MAGAZINES favourite choice for makeup.


That is Jackie Mgido,  this woman is a beautiful soul and is in love with making women feel and look beautiful. Vault Studio is by Arundel Village upstairs left side of Giovannis.



That’s JEWEL MAGAZINE Editor Tsitsi “Vaulted”!

Make Up Artist ZW by Abby Mutangadura

Based in Harare originally from Bulawayo Abby has some experience as a model and running photo shoots. She speaks MAC and Sleek UK and also sources some fashionable pieces. She did her training in SA under MAC in Cape Town and is on Facebook.


Abby on a picture from her Facebook



And that’s me after some dancing at my sister’s wedding.  She gave me a bright pink lip as well.

These two fabulous artists are on Facebook and feel free to contact them!

Peace and Harmony

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