Shoepidity – Not Choosing the WORST pair of shoes! [CAREER]

Court Shoe – is a shoe with a low-cut front and usually without a fastening.

I find it difficult to believe the level of ignorance concerning appropriate shoes. Perhaps in Zimbabwe it’s trying to follow a trend but scarce opportunities to wear the trends given the social calendar of our country. That being said I was wondering whether Secretaries of the younger generation have a clue how to wear the appropriate shoe.


The job of a secretary should be a mobile one in a normal situation. The job isn’t to sit around and look pretty. After working at a magazine I can guarantee you that reasonable shoes are key. Leave the platform 5 inch sandals with wooden heel at home and were some closed court shoes or pumps instead.


You can suffer being stereotyped as a model wannabe than a professional by your shoe choice. Strike a balance you also cannot be wearing stompies to work (although it crossed my mind once). So stop competing in the shoe game with the self-proclaimed queen of swag Pokello and get taken seriously!


Peace & Love ♡♡♡


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