Former Miss Tourism Zimbabwe Samantha Tshuma At It Again [AGAIN]

Basically Miss Grand International auditions were done in #BULAWAYO Matebeleland by former Miss Tourism Samantha Tshuma – who hasn’t been in the press for good reasons [I DARE you to Google her] and the PR officer, who happens to be an “entrepreneur” Mr Charles Vukani Mhlanga [ I Dare you to google him].

Who according to previously published articles are dating, married or linked some intimate way. First and foremost the casting cost models $15.



After a young lady, Fungai Mawanda won the title…. fast forward September 2013.. Read about her win below links from JULY

The title was swept away from her 2nd of SEPTEMBER. After publishing her win on credible press.. ok The Chronicle and Southern Eye websites….The FB page of Samantha and the PAGE released this [typos included]:

2nd of September 2013 MISS GRAND ZIMBABWE PRESS RELEASE by The Public Relations Officer; Mr Vukani Chris Mhlanga.

Greetings, trust I find you well.

As licence holder of MISS GRAND ZIMBABWE our sole mandate is to; select what we deem, the most suitable candidate in line with the published MISS GRAND INTERNATIONAL manual description.

We began our broadly publicized search in the month of June 2013. Out of a possible thirty entrants, our hand picked provincial managers forwarded sixteen candidates that went into an intensive boot camp.

This was concluded by a public launch of the brand where the top five of the sixteen entrants were selected to further compete in a final exercise (photo-shoot) two weeks thereafter, also acknowledging the top candidate for the MISS GRAND ZIMBABWE 2013 inaugural boot camp & launch as Ms. Fungai Mawada, who was awarded; a trip to the main event MISS GRAND INTERNATIONAL on the 19th of November 2013 in Bangkok Thailand.

A photo shoot ensued, the results derived were unfortunately not the most favorable and therefore not satisfactory (as and according to MISS GRAND ZIMBABWE) none of the top five candidates fit the profile as per the published MISS GRAND INTERNATIONAL manual description.

Please NOTE; as MISS GRAND ZIMBABWE we are not obligated to act outside our mandate for the sake of closure or a personal agenda. As the appointed national representative of MISS GRAND INTERNATIONAL; our obligation is to deliver as per our mandate irregardless of personal perception.

And as per stipulation of the closing dates for the part-taking international delegates at MISS GRAND INTERNATIONAL 2013 we (MISS GRAND ZIMBABWE) as of the 31st of August 2013 have forwarded our Zimbabwean national representative as;
23 year old, Bulawayo born,
• Miss Bulawayo 2009
• Miss Zimbabwe 2010
• Top 20 Swimwear finalist Miss World 2010
• 20th Assembly UNWTO Brand Ambassador
• Hydronet Energy (a Japanese NPO) Southern African representative for renewable energy
• Managing Director of The Energy Company Of Southern Africa
• Cheif Executive Officer of Models BEYOND grooming & management agency – Ms. Samantha Ntombizodwa Tshuma.

As a competitive nation and going into an international event of this magnitude (the forth biggest beauty pageant in the world) our message is very clear; we acknowledge national organs (and their endeavors) with full-on support mechanisms in place. We would hereby like to also bring to your attention; individuals that represent our nation (taking into account the levels of discipline, attentiveness, commitment, experience and patriotism they need to be conformed to while competing solo.

It is therefore through this realization that MISS GRAND ZIMBABWE ask; we all come together as Zimbabweans in support of our national representative at this prestigious international inaugural event just as we would with any other national organ.

We thank you. Siyabonga. Tatenda.

The plot thickens and will soon get more details from the stakeholders, is this what modelling has become in Zimbabwe?? For aspiring models, GOOGLE the organisers of a pageant.



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