LoLos Kloset comes to life http://loloskloset.com
LoLos Kloset comes to life http://loloskloset.com

United Kingdom based Zimbabwean LoLo of LoLosKloset BLOG, has set up an online shop. International shipping, PayPal payments, VISA credit card payments and Zimbabwean payment system!

LoLo has suffered a great deal of cyber bullying as a result of her obviously viral Instagram pictures with her slim body, beautiful weave, Loubies and high-end labels (Filled me with envy of her fabulousness to be honest). She looked great in the pictures and from that started selling pieces via Instagram. Yesterday she launched an impeccable site before other people of her popularity turned her blog into a business.

It hasn’t been an easy road for her having to deal with cyber bullying, in JEWEL magazine she opened up being rumoured to be a prostitute in the UK as well as being called UGLY on several accounts. In fact once it was so bad on Twitter I came to her defense, because honestly HATE is unnecessary.

As a matter of Fact, LoLo said on her page:

Last night I opened up by sharing this image and note on my instagram. Those that are close to me know I suffered from stage fright, could not speak infront of 5 people and have always lacked confidence. This is because I have always been told I’m ugly. Since I started this page I have seen images of myself being compared to animals and been told about my body imperfections. It’s hard for me to be strong because everything I do is infront if the camera. But I have firmly decided that I’m not a model I can only be me ..I am happy with who I am and every woman out there who has ever been on this page should know that you are BEAUTIFUL/GORGEOUS/HOTTT. Noone has the right to make you feel any different. #newattitude #youaregorgeous


LoLo has not only shown that she is human and vulnerable, but that women can overcome their insecurities even in this age of social media. Be yourself, Be strong and keep your family closest.

Visit her shop http://loloskloset.com

Celebrate your uniqueness
Celebrate your uniqueness



PS. I super-duper love those bandage dresses, eish on my Birthday WISHLIST for 2013, Somebody Bless with a DRESS!!


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