My Internship at @Jewelmagzw #JEWEL magazine

My first day at work photoshoot

HARARE – My dream job was always having to work for a fashion magazine in my home country of Zimbabwe, in JULY 2011 DanTs Media launched a women’s lifestyle magazine. JULY 2013 I had the opportunity to taste and feel of what it’s like to work for a magazine in the unique Zimbabwean situation. This is my experience, in short.


It’s not as glamorous and as easy as it looks when you see the final product! I was a part of the JULY photoshoot with the Mbofs and the upcoming shoot [ Non Disclosure Agreement makes me end here! ]. Let me just say it was not easy, running around, hunger pangs and a long ass day. Prudence is such a doll so her photoshoot went by smoothly and a quick touch up on her nails was one of the emergency photoshoot tricks that HAD to be done, did I mention she was pregnant ( Now has a cute baby 🙂 )


It was really cool seeing my name in the issue, even though it was my first day at work. So it’s not as glamorous as I see in movies but I have learnt a lot from the 4 weeks about media and Zimbabwe magazine industry, at least from that side. JEWEL is not a fashion magazine, it’s women’s lifestyle. Whether I see myself working in the magazine industry? Time and job opportunities will tell.


xoxo ROBIN



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