#ZimFashionJOBS Why you should use LinkedIn

On a soul-searching time out on Friday evening, I sat at the in-house bar at my residence talking to a bartender (who is also a student), found myself asking about what courses we studied and are studying. He told me how LinkedIn is very important for professionals, so I took his advice and rechecked my LinkedIn Profile.

Why LinkedIn Matters:

  • Connecting with professionals in your field and companies you aspire to learn from, opening doors for employment.
  • It is a digital footprint of all your experience, helps employers to find you and after seeing other profiles helps improve your current CV to include all aspects about yourself.
  • Better representation of your professional life and well-rounded activities than the extensive information available on your Facebook/Twitter.
  • You can engage with other businesses on LinkedIn and set up an informational page for your company on the site so people can learn more and network with your Fashion label, Fashion Company etc. as well as post jobs for a project you might be starting.

What are the Top 3 Favorite Features of LinkedIn?

There are hundreds of thousands of “Groups” on the platform from retail to social media and marketing and much more you will find interests and topics on any business subject imaginable.

  1. Groups – 79.6%
  2. People searching – 70.6%
  3. People  you may know – 66.8%

How does LinkedIn Help?

LinkedIn is a great online network community that can help you with a range of tasks

  • 76.9% of users say LinkedIn helped them research people and companies
  • 68.8% said that it helped reconnect with past business associates
  • 49.7% said it was good for building new network relationships with individuals who may influence potential customers
Find your favourite designers, post about your experience and skills on a LinkedIn profile
Find your favorite designers, post about your experience and skills on a LinkedIn profile

So go to http://www.linkedin.com and start building your professional online presence. Only add connections of people you know, to ensure your online safety from fraud and other things.

Just to mention a few fashion movers on LinkedIn, The DanTs Media founders the Mutendis, of JEWEL magazine; Farai Simoyi of the fashion label Farai by Farai Simoyi; Joyce Chimanye of Zuvva clothing brand; Shamiso Ruzvidzo of Catherine Ruze and Fashion Weekend Zimbabwe; Rudo Nyangulu  of Chocolate Princess Co.; Mellisa  Mazingi of Zim Fashionista, Runway Productions PR company & Taponeswa Mavunga of Ndeipi Global, PR at Warner Music




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