How to prepare for African Winter 2013

It’s been a while since I have had time to write. HIFA was happening in Harare so now the HIFA hangover starts and people have an insatiable desire to want to hear exciting seasonal stuff. Also one who is not at HIFA should not even dare talk about anything else. That aside winter is coming up, electric under-blanket on HIGH and new winter sheets that were on special are bought (came with free pillow case set!).

Here is some winter Head to Toe staples.

Beauty Products

Your skin is very important and requires some extra care during this winter as well as your lips. For your skin use a rich lotion Nivea For Very Dry Skin works even better than Petroleum Grease (Euw.. Vaseline God Forbid that stuff is waste material from car fuel!). For lips using Labello Medicated helps heal the cracking and prevent drying.

Creamy Lipstick instead of matte versions
Cocoa Butter Formula
Cocoa Butter Formula


Keep that hair moisturized and easy to maintain. If you decide to get plaited do not get plaited styles that damage your hair. So get some braid spray for daily spritz and find oils that work for your scalp. Protect your ends and incorporate a doek into your styling on those freezing days. For more information on hair or The Science of Black Hair give a good idea on how to understand hair care esp. in winter.

Novelist: Chimamanda Adichie in Afro Kinky Twist cornrows
Novelist: Chimamanda Adichie in Afro Kinky Twist cornrows


Make sure you have opaque tights to wear under your jeans, dresses for warmth.

Get a good pair of quality Boots in Leather and/or Rubber for rain boots. By investing in a pair of quality boots you won’t have to replace a pair come next year. Another cool style is smaller ankle boots, make sure the heel is chunky because it increases your height at a comfortable size heel.

Chunky Ankle Boots
Chunky Ankle Boots

Layering helps so get small cardigans to wear under bigger jackets.

Get a pashmina, in pretty prints or bold solid colour a pashmina will help you throughout winter and can fit into sophisticated looks as well. A pashmina is timeless elegance the eastern style scarf is warm and big to also cover your shoulders.

Jersey Dress that I wear for a cool summer night and with tights during winter

Try getting a one-piece knit dress to wear with boots, tights and form a part of your layering as well.

Happy Autumn/Winter 2013!




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