Rungano Rwedu Textile Designer #ZimFashion

I am in Zimbabwe for a bit of a short vacation, lucky me I found the new office for Rungano Rwedu, a textile designer brand with Zimbabwean identity. I was preparing myself to make an appointment at the Eternity Apparel shop and was glad to hear there was an office upstairs. I met with Susan Matemachani, whose business card I had collected since a long time ago when I was starting out my blog. I persevere with all my business/clothing contacts, so I had sent a message day before.

logo rr

So the brand Rungano Rwedu, is showing at HIFA this year, the same company has a beauty spa Timeless Beauty and well as Eternity Apparel shop no. 3 at Arundel Village. I also believe the brand will most likely do Zimbabwe Fashion Week and Fashion Weekend Zimbabwe. Rumbi – Susan’s daughter does the sketches designs for the outfit. I must say they look really nice and super creative. I for one ordered two pieces for me and my sister. Making sure that I have the most fabulous outfit!

Check some of the pictures I found from the RR Facebook page:

rungano rwedu rungano rwed

Check Rungano Rwedu at Arundel Village upstairs for the office and check shop number 3 for Eternity Apparel. Like them on their FACEBOOK!



Photos Source: Modified from Facebook Page


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