#ZimFashionJOBS Unprofessionalism the END of the industry

HOW TO WORK IN FASHION, WORK Source: http://anthonybila.tumblr.com
HOW TO WORK IN FASHION, WORK Source: http://anthonybila.tumblr.com

So you want to work in fashion? I myself have not worked with a person in fashion but trust me when I say, I know where it can get pretty ugly. So in as much as bosses may not be reasonable here is how you can avoid losing your employment, including watching out for an incompetent boss.

Do not by any means start work without a contract and terms and conditions of going into a job. This leads to people being dodgy bosses or unfair dismissals. So set a standard that you are not desperate for a job.

Do not show up at an interview with baggage, that is a kid or two toddlers. Aint nobody got time for that!

Do not feel the need to post immediately on social media, twitter Facebook where you are working. It will expose your employer and could mess with the brand identity. Remember it isn’t your company so don’t feel the need to release such a statement.

If you have issues with your boss, their clothing, their hair, their facial features and want to make fun of it. While the right to your opinion is up to you, publishing it on social media is never appropriate or polite. Do not share your own capacity opinions on the brand you work for, tell your friends, your family not the World Wide Web!

Do not have socializing, watching tv on your hobbies part for your CV, are you even serious with that hobby?

Keep your promises and fulfil your contractual promises. That means pay your employees on the day of payment.

Do not be rude and disrespect your worker in front of a client or customer.

Be a good example and show the work ethic you require from your employees as well.

Realize good workers are hard to find, train them before you criticize their efforts.

Be honest with all aspects of your business. The deals and projects you embark on. Pay all your vendors, creditors, your rent fees, utilities. Or else sooner or later you out of business and your reputation goes down by your own deeds

Much love
Hope you can take something from this post and learn a bit


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