Zimbabwe Fashion CAREERS – ConcreteJungle Initiative

Let's talk about JOBS and careers in Zimbabwe's Fashion.
Let’s talk about JOBS and careers in Zimbabwe’s Fashion.

I have seen bloggers take their blogs to engage the youth in their community, MissMillB posts CVs of job hopefuls on her blog. So when I saw people advertise job offers I thought let me start a way to get the Youth of Zimbabwe into fashion industry. Coming to one place to gather this valuable database.

I have received a lot of questions on interning, vacation jobs from young people as well as professionals searching for employees. I have only provided leads but nothing substantial. To help both parties I think it is time that

  1. Invite people to submit their CVs for the following categories, PERSONAL ASSISTANTS, MAKE-UP, TAILORS/SEWING, CUTTING PATTERNS, MARKETING, SHOP ASSISTANT, MODELLING, PHOTOGRAPHY, EVENT MANAGEMENT, HAIRSTYLING, STYLING, FASHION JOURNALISM, INTERNSHIPS and any other jobs people are interested in. People will have to email to blog’s email (robynchaibva(at)gmail(dot)com).
  2. Listings of job opportunities from prospective employers and details of jobs can be sent to the blog’s email cjfashion(dot)zw(AT) gmail (DOT) com

I will be listing under the following Categories,

Job Opportunities – for offers.

Fashion CVs – for employers to look at the CVs if they need to employ someone &

Careers for any other related issues.

The Twitter Hashtag #ZimFashionJOBS

PLEASE NOTE: If I happen to come across information for these opportunities will be posting them on the blog as well so people stay informed. So make sure you are subscribed to all the Concrete Jungle Fashion ZW Facebook page updates OR emails so you do not miss out on an opportunity.



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