How to dress for work – #Women Workwear

This is women’s  month and a good part of being a woman is earning a living. Jobs are not exactly easy to find but I believe having the wardrobe for it will help one or the other in getting a job. One of many hobbies has been career guidance chats with people, this service is available with my passion to help others before sorting my stuff.

Intern-ship years or holidays are a good time to get to practice for working world, as well as interviews for the newly graduated. So how to build your wardrobe for work to make an impression is pretty much what you need to start figuring out. A powerful woman needs a powerful wardrobe to match a potentially successful career.

Most important is understanding the brand of the firm and the culture. Some professions have restrictions on what type of formal wear is required and even the print of the clothes. Understand that even before buying especially accounting firms, Law firms and Medical institutions.

A reader Mimi 🙂 has the following tips

  1. Buy your staples which are pencil skirts slim fit business pants your crisp white shirts. because its your outfit base everything builds on this. (Also invest in one piece tailored dresses for work: Robin Ed.)

    Snapshot with Prudence Katomeni musician
    Snapshot with Prudence Katomeni musician – A good quality shirt is a good investment
  2. Invest in blazers! nicely tailored! I love earthy colors like mustard and brown’s coz it brings out the Hipster in me.beyonce and jay z dinner 060612

  3. Accessories!!! make statements using shoes, scarves and jewelry oh and bags! rather than clothing, this is where crazy colour and character come in. 

    Bag from Tandaz - accessories help add character to your career outfit
    Bag from Tandaz – accessories help add character to your career outfit

when I think of office wear I refer to the devil wears Prada. Pay attention to their styling their clothes are classic rather than trendy, office wear should be timeless and modest

Mimi basically summed out the top three most important aspects of dressing for the office. A few pointers would be

  • Find a pair of shoes that are work appropriate. High heels are more sophisticated than flat ballerina pumps. However to be on the safe side wear closed shoes and court shoes which are better than sky-high platforms. My personal fashion favourite is a classic Mary Jane shoe 🙂 in black. You can also do a smart wedge. It is advisable to find out how open shoes are treated in the office, sometimes a peep toe is a no-no for some firms.

    Easy to walk in shoes that are comfortable and have a stable heel.
  • Wear pulling socks/stockings for an extra touch of sophistication.

Keep your hairstyles manageable and easy to handle when you are running late. The more conservative the better, try high sleek ponytails, sophisticated bun and neat styling of whatever your hair type. Do not try out extreme hair colours or mohawk hair, also refrain from hairstyle that steal the attention from your work (ahem a very badly sewn weave is not a look you want to go for).

Gabrielle Union - Actress in a high bun
Gabrielle Union – Actress in a high bun

The tailoring and the fit are what can make work wear really nice. Work on the modest but elegant. Stay within the range of sophisticated clothing and you will face no problems from having to try too hard.

I really hope I can get an internship for my June vacation and practice what I preach. Download this e-book as a guide, by Claire Sulmers click here —> Fashion Bomb Work Wardrobe.




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