#Shopaholics Anonymous

Hey, Been a long time since I posted about stuff. So seeing as though I am not a money-making machine, I am also too young in my “career” (which is overrated because I do not even know what that means) I have to buy middle end stuff. So I know do some serious window shopping on-line  and it is really fun. Sites I go to Zando.co.za , Style36.co.za, Anything with “free” shipping within South Africa really. Grahamstown my small town of education has a Joburg-standard type of boutique by the only high-end shopping centre in town, i.e ELIXIR, with SASS clothes and other dainty things.

These are the confessions of a shopaholic. So I collect the pictures of these things I have been browsing and getting style inspiration from. My colour scheme this coming season is black and white, the colour blocking trend may fade but Black and White are the best opposites. That sandal staple is definitely worth a try with a perfect pedicure and show off you body shape. A39Jumpsuit_bwht_4-754x960 Kelly+Rowland+Arrivals+85th+Annual+Academy+fpesH6qXtfRl ashanty beyonce

melissa sky glitter melissa-rainbow-spfw-12 (1)

SASS caribbean dress
SASS caribbean dress

Melissa Shoe 2 Maki Oh Solange 2Otherwise what fashion has inspired your style this year?

xxx Robin


2 thoughts on “#Shopaholics Anonymous

  1. I have never had the guts to wear a jumpsuit but I love them on other people. What Solange is wearing in the bottom right picture is definitely me. I also went to school in Grahamstown and if I knew then what I know now, I would have shopped much more during the Arts festival. I have great quality items I picked up for a reasonable price that my very fussy colleagues (including my “high end only” bosslady)ooh and aah over every single time I wear them.


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