#Zimbabwe Designers ONLY – Outfit Idea

With Fashion Week coming in August and Fashion Weekend in November, what better way to induce fashion endorphins than a style post on Zimbabwean designers. At the end of the day, us the consumer just wants to look fabulous. So it is not about them being of Zimbabwean descent, but about them producing fashion.

Summer is hopefully coming to an end soon and booties become the FALL trend. In my outfit of my imagination to go to perhaps a fashion week (It is Mercedes-Benz Fashion Month after all); I would wear the following. Being a high-profile event only top brands who are getting international recognition would suit this imaginary fashion week I would go to. Zimbabwean brands outfit would be a Black/Gold Rosette Top by award-winning Fashion Designer Farai Simoyi, with the African Print and Lace skirt by Evelyn Lambert, together with a nude Ndau Collection (who are currently in Las Vegas as emerging accessories designer) crocodile cuff. Shoes, sequined ankle booties from CALL IT SPRING South Africa.

Zimbabwean Brands Collage
Zimbabwean Brands Collage

A designer who I have never posted about is Evelyn Lambert, after showing at Harlem Fashion Row 2013; let me tell you she is a force to be reckoned with. An article was written on the show and click here to learn about her.

The twitter handles of these brands are labelled in the picture so you can follow them and know what’s up.


Robin 🙂


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