Gamu Chinodya #ZimFashion Designer

Recently am on the search of something bold and fresh for the new year. In my brain, that means finding fresh-faced talent that lies right underneath our noses. It is when I thought of Gamu Chinodya, who I have known ever since our sisters went to school together.

After going through her blog, I thought to feature her on my blog here it goes

Yellow Dress by Gamu
Yellow Dress by and modeled by Gamu Chinodya

1.       Describe your brand in 3 words
Bold, you, sensual

2.       What influenced you to go into the world of fashion?
I couldn’t find or afford nice quality clothes. Christmas clothes shopping was always frustrating. I gt to choose and get whatever I wanted but there was nothing suitable. My whole family would get frustrated with my slowness in choosing clothes at Edgars. When I got to high school it was compulsory to take a sewing class for the first two years and the rest is history.
3.       Your top 3 style muses and why?
I don’t have muses because I don’t follow popular culture but I do admire Dita Von Teese’s bombshell and womanly look. I’ve also bn influenced by Japanese complexity in design and Latin American dancing.
Sheer dress
Sheer dress


4.       What is the one thing about fashion business, people outside the fashion industry would find surprising?
Contrary to popular opinion that u have to be a dumb blonde to make it, u really have to be smart about how u go about your business.
5.       What is your fashion story?
Little girl with boring, generic clothes grows up and finally gets to play dress up with stunning pieces.
6.       What is the design aesthetic behind your Origamu pieces?
I always try to make clothes that take into consideration the woman’s natural curves and enhancing them. I also use a lot of subtle style detail when making the pattern or finishing off the pieces. I’m very much inspired by lingerie, Latina women and complex pattern making.
Latin African dress
Latin African dress
Origamu Dress
Origamu Dress
7.       Your trends prediction for 2013 are?
I’m not good at forecasting but I think fitted, cute dresses are in.
8.       What is the one thing that makes an outfit top-notch?
Good fit and good fabric.
9.       Your style tip to readers is?
Create a wardrobe of pieces that r comfortable and feminine and you will always look like an effortless beauty.
10.   How can people get hold of your pieces?
Email me at  Cell phone 0772714285
So get into contact with her and visit her blog to know more about her.

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