Danayi Chapfika Interview #ZimFashion @Hausofstone

Harare – Zimbabwe At the SBA party I met a beautiful dress made of floral fabric. I fell in love with the creativity and innovative ways these garments had been made of unexpected fabrics. If only I had come to the event earlier to buy that dress as it was already stripped from the mannequin.

This stand was owned by Danayi Chapfika, and it had an effect of pulling me into the fashion realm of a fresh out of fashion school designer. Alumni to one of the leading fashion schools in Africa LISOF. She is currently based between Harare and Johannesburg with pieces that range from $50 to $300.

1.   Describe a “Danayi Chapfika” girl in 3 words

Fun, eclectic & confident

2.   Early Fashion influences

My eldest sister Tinashe & Deola Sagoe

3.   Who are your Style Icons

Marion Cotillard, Solange Knowles, Joshua Kissi of Street Etiquette

Danayi Chapfika
Danayi Chapfika – A-line dress

4.   Why do Urban Vintage and Retro looks mould your design aesthetic?

Well I am definitely inspired by styles from past eras between the 50’s – 80’s. I feel like those looks are timeless and will always be trendy. I simply just interpret these retro/vintage looks into whatever the current trend is, cause I feel like people want to look both timeless yet current. It’s the perfect realm in which to exist if you ask me personally – you get the best of both worlds.

5.   Educational Background:

  • Ghana International School
  • Highlands Junior School
  • Speciss College
  • The Heritage High School – O’s & A’s
  • Curtin University of Technology (Double Degree) in Creative Advertising and Film & TV
  • LISOF (Bachelor Degree) Fashion Design

    Danayi Chapfika (Source: Facebook)
    Danayi Chapfika (Source: Facebook)

 6.   Why did you choose to study fashion instead of designing without formal training?

I felt it was necessary for me as an individual to obtain the technical skills required to become a good designer. There is so much that goes into creating a range, that I never would have known of had I not studied formally.

It gives me more of a ‘technical’ edge. I feel like you can have creativity bubbling within you, but you need to take those thoughts and turn them into something tangible, that’s why institutions are there to assist us to take our creativity to the maximum level & grow it from there.

7.   An average day in the life of a designer involves what exactly?

Oooouch!!! Due to getting pins in your fingers all day, plus a lot of ‘trying’ to make it work when it looks like it won’t work.

 8.   How was the response to your clothing at the SBA party?

I felt the response was rather positive. It gave me a lot of insight into the Zimbabwean market and especially by the types of articles purchased.

Ladies are loving their 50’s silhouettes with those high-waisted flared pieces.

Local Fashionista wearing a Danayi Couture piece
Local Fashionista Pokello wearing a Danayi Couture piece

9.   What in your opinion is the fashion must have for 2013?

Well I always like making up my fashion must haves. For me this year ‘the Must have’ is not a clothing article as much as it is a good-old-fashioned Afro – for the more daring go Rita Ora style and dye that ish Blond or any other vibrant colour that brings out your personality #twork it! 😉

10.      What fashion accessory can you not leave the house without?

I believe that each day belongs to itself,  its own emotion and it’s own accessory, but one thing that must always be a constant is confidence and a smile. I say wear your clothes don’t let your clothes wear you.

Danayi Chapfika - Photo by @ZashCrafted for the SBA party
Danayi Chapfika – Photo by @ZashCrafted for the SBA party

So get in touch with Danayi and get your piece. You can contact her via email on abiandgail@gmail.com OR dchapfika@gmail.com.

Follow her on social networks her Instagram Account: iamcoconuts@instagram.com  and check her collection on her Tumblr Blog: danayi.tumblr.com  . If you want to check out more pictures of her stuff click here for the preceding blog post on her.

The fashion scouting for me shall continue as 2013 is the year CJF finds edgy designers deeply rooted in Africa.

Much love as always

Robin xx

(Update: Follow Her on TWITTER @hausofstone )


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