In the pursuit of Hair-ppiness

Harare, Zimbabwe – After having to get my hair plaited for about a year as it is slowly regrowing, I noticed the variations of possible hairstyles for the festive season aka PARTY season, coming up. This is for every varying budget. For hairstylists, visit my Fashion Stockist tab, under Stylists.

1. Cornrows

Lines are always easier because they can easily be installed and removed when the time has come to get the hair out. However they can damage hairline when the lines are too small or when the person plaiting has no concern whatsoever of the health of your hair (the ZFW cornrows  ruined my hairline).

2012: Cornrows Hairstyle with box braids in the back. Used Angels Avvis Short in colour 33, very light fibre that comes out well.

Angels Avvis Short: Outre in town, cost per packet $1.00. Cornrows installment: $10.00 maximum

2. Box Braids/Ma”Shabba”

I got this hairstyle in December just after I got my hair chopped off. I loved the retro feel and length of the braids. They made me look young and fresh everyday. As my usual colour is number 33, I got it and added number 6 of Ebony Yaki Braid to get the retro look. One disadvantage was tying hair to sleep or shower; total nightmare because they were heavy. Mine were bulky so that high-pony look was never an option.

2012 January – off to a date and all I could do was a side swept look.

Ebony Yaki Braid (Outre shop) $1.50 (I used 8 and half): Installment: negotiable, for me $30.00

3. Human Hair Weave

Now when they say “Human Hair” it is not always 100 percent, if ever, human hair. The ones you get in weave shops under brand names like Sensationnel, Ebony etc are the affordable types of human hair weaves. These are available any part of time. My weave of this type is Ebony, my hair being brown the number 4 colour blended well.

The texture of Ebony is top-notch in terms of blending when ironed well it looks so great. However disadvantage was the shedding and tangling it incurs. I had weave-alopecia from all the shedding.I could only use it once, because of the ends. There has been a lot of anti-weave movements from Zimbabwean men, which does not even phase me! Weave it girl!

2011 – Me (right) in a weave with hair left at hairline and parting.

Ebony Human Hair (Outre shop) – variable prices at most 40 dollars 2 pkts. Installment: $15.00

2012: Human Hair did me wrong in  Malaysia..nappy!! Yes..I had make up on that really believe me!

4. Bulky Braids

I got bulky braids recently inspired by Solange. I got soft dread by Darling in blonde and number 33. Two packets are enough and leaves some braid out. I liked the hairstyle, it really had so much character and people loved the look on me. However it is a bad idea in this weather it gets rather sweaty and in the way, it will be great for people with thinner hair than mine. Also using braid spray is important to keep scalp moisturizer.

2012: Tendy Kamusikiri, Farai Simoyi and Me at the Farai by Farai Simoyi launch. I had bulky braids.

Darling Soft Dread: $4.00 to $6.00 Installment: start at $20.00

4. Remi Premium Hair (Real Hair)

So of all the hairstyles I have not tried the Remi superior hair that I heard cost 100s of dollars. The main reason was the fear that with my record of ruining hair, I would have wasted my money. OK the truth is I was busy spending my intern salary on shoes, so I could never afford anyway. The market was flooded with Brazilian, Indian Remi, Peruvian, Malaysian, I had no clue what to even get. As well as the hair care products for such hair was vague from sellers.

ECloset263  an online shop that sells clothing/shoes and HAIR has sponsored me Two bundles of Brazilian hair, which is great because my hair texture is a bit rough like Brazilian Hair. ECloset263 also has gone the extra mile in giving me silicone spray AND a satin pillowcase to help with the maintenance. Amazing news so you can order hair as well as the accessories to use on the weave from ECloset263!!

My Hits/Misses in hair

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robin xxx

19 thoughts on “In the pursuit of Hair-ppiness

  1. Man take me back to Zim, I’ll take those prices anyway!!! For a decent job of cornrows by the girl down the street I gotta pay like $60! From the lady across town who does hair part-time I gotta pay $90 for some braids. Don’t even get me started on Salon Prices….


      1. Yeah, because of that same reason, I just stick to weaves and wigs. And oh right, well I always make jokes about him being scruffy but he does scrub up when HE believes it’s necessary lol..x


    1. You must use raw castor oil for those edges. Also, a hot oil treatment using natural oils like olive oil, avcado oil, coconut oil and raw amla oil to deep condition and moisturize. I think getting a restorative sulphate free shampoo will also help 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, First I put on my foundation.
      For the eyes I attempted a smokey eye. I used a purple eye liner for the bottom of the eye. Then the deep purple eye shadow, this colour is brownish/purplish in every bronze like eyeshadow pack. The deep one was for the eye lid. Then lots of lash extending mascara

      after which i put my matching blush which is pinking on cheeks

      For the lips I used a soft pink lipgloss to slightly tint my lips 🙂 I then took a photo to make sure my look was decent


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