One-Year Old Blog!!

ZIMBABWE, HARARE – Most people look to buying clothes elsewhere (even I sometimes feel Zimbabwean fashion is not good enough). I must confess that this was always my number ONE challenge when it came to coming back to Zimbabwe after school.

It was not the job market, economic climate or the dollarization that gave me nightmares. It was the possibility of there not being enough shopping locations (the horror!!). I started blogging last year on a Sunday afternoon after a pair of shoes inspired me to share them with strangers on the web. It is actually really strange how I ended up becoming TOP BLOGGER of the YEAR at ZFW Fashion Awards from my Tumblr last year. “Concrete Jungle” was inspired by Harare and how hard it is to find nice clothes and shoes, has become recognized. However, now I started an album on my page with Zimbabwean clothing stockists and brands so you can become a shopaholic easy-easy. Jesus really helped my blogging destiny by helping me find the right people.

My first picture on my TUMBLR – November 2011

Inspired by fellow bloggers like ZimFashionista and Harare Fashion Council, who paved the way for fashion blogging. I can only thank all the cool people I met at a whole two weeks working for DEFZEE for teaching me about fashion journalism. I worked with Andile from DefZee and got to see the Chocolate Princesses at work in my whole two weeks there. My friend Batsi Freddy hung out with him one day, then got a chance to write satirical articles for when I met up with one of the men on the Boat, Larry. House of Alpha Rose creative director, Yvonne Watadza also exposed me to the backstage life at Zimbabwe Fashion Week.

The real driving force was the feedback I got from my family, close friends and Facebook friends on my blog that kept me wanting to read more witty novels and know about blogging. A year later still doing I now have a WordPress, an award and not earning any income from it (LOL). This is just a big thank you even for those comments that gave me a hard time. Blogging is the new media and if you read till the end of this letter, thanks a mill. Like a Castle Lager ad, IT’S YOU WHO MAKES BLOGGING GREAT!!!




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