Zuvva: The Rising Star

HarareJoyce Chimanye is an experienced fashion force in the Zimbabwean Fashion scene and her brand Zuvva has succeeded against all odds. I started knowing Zuvva brand back when I was in University for its bridal clothing and really funky earrings at Sam Levy’s village. Now as a fashion blogger I went into the shop on Thursday and saw a different angle to it.

I saw an empire of fashion. The shop has original African accessories from different cultures and very bohemian feel; earrings are still cool and statement pieces. I saw clothing from her Zimbabwe Fashion Week showcase and the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week show. I had actually come in for a dress she had showcased; and it was so hot it was already sold fresh off the runway. It was after the meeting I realised I was too busy trying to arrange getting a piece for the fashion shoot I won from Catherine Ruze Agency; I did not do an interview.

However this is her recipe to success, she has a diversified business model. The big sign at the complex is definitely a sign that pulls you in. The diverse Zuvva brands are as follows.

Zuvva Eco-wear: These are her easy-breezy beautiful pieces made in cotton and inspired by nature

Zuvva – MBFWAfrica 2012 Eco-wear clothing (SDR Photo)

Zuvva Afro Gypsy: These are the pieces from her collections made with different types of materials. The little dress has raw silk and cotton alongside beading, the finale dress is made of golden Java with a lace on top (available in store).

Zuvva by Joyce Chimanye at MBFWAfrica 2012 – sold hot off the runway (SDR Photo)
Zuvva – MBFWAfrica 2012 Finale Dress a favourite piece of clothing for me. (SDR Photo)

Zuvva Bridal and Graphittti are her other brands. Custom made bridal wear and ready to wear prom dresses. There’s a bit of everything for everyone.

In my 5 minute meeting she is going to Namibia on Wednesday next week, then off to Mozambique on the Mozambique Fashion Week…and has a collection in Swaziland. This woman is on FIREEEEEE!!!




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