#ZimFashion: Hustle your way into Zimbabwe Fashion events

So lately I have been going to Zimbabwe Fashion events without anyone recognizing me or during the time of the month when my shopaholism takes a toll on my money stores. There is no excuse to not come to these events, ever! I have found ways to hustle my way into learning about Fashion in Zimbabwe. So here are the hurdles one might face when thinking of going to such events. The solutions on how I managed to overcome them are below.

NOTE: These complaints are what some of my readers and people on twitter say, not mine.

Snapshot with Prudence Katomeni musician


Honestly most of these events no-one even knows the invited guest. Unless the poster says invite only, ignore it. Then why would someone sell tickets and put on Facebook if it was an invite only event. Invite yourself and get yourself there! The only way to get invited is to get yourself known anyway.


Okay not only do they try to pretend they do not want uninvited guests, but the ticket price can be really hefty. One of many options would be to find someone linked to the party to tag along with. Another option is to become a “volunteer”, like the free-riders at Zimbabwe Fashion Week, the same works for HIFA jobs as well. What I did, is enter the Facebook competition for a party and keep submitting entries, so often they give you the giveaway tickets.. SCORE! If all fails, don’t worry you are probably not the only person that cannot make it, call it a Boycott.


Well unless you are a minor, there is no reason you have to ask to go to an event if you have no other commitments that day. So for those who drive, you might say I was not given the car. Well stop being a baby and get yourself there. Cab transport and being dropped off and sleeping at a friend’s house is a sure way to make sure you get there. Of course you are giving someone the authority to say NO when you ask them what you can/cannot do.


I am not even trying to be mean or anything, but just dress smart and you will probably be the best dressed at the event. Trying too hard to squeeze into a super short dress that is two dress sizes below your real size, is what most people think they should wear. Just wear something descent that is flattering. When you get to such events, overdoing it is getting it all wrong. I mean it isn’t like you are going to find Beyonce, Jay-Z and Rihanna on the red carpet in a Harare event, so really… do not over think it.

And that is how you say “Screw it!”, to the people who make you think you cannot attend. So please come through to Zimbabwe Fashion Events coming this month. A long term investment is to get snapped with the key people so they think that they know you and will holler at you at their next event. I am like the Mickey Briggs of Fashion Events!

Me (The Hustler) with RutendoDenise – spoken word musician and Twitter celeb and Virimai Chigariro – Zimbabwe Fashion Week staff



2 thoughts on “#ZimFashion: Hustle your way into Zimbabwe Fashion events

  1. I beg to differ with point number3. Sometimes you need to get permission esp if its an evening event. Asking for permission isn’t giving ur folks the divine authority to say NO but at times yu cant make ur own rules hey. Esp in my case where my folks dont support the fashion/media industry. They think its full of sex driven & party hard individuals but in actual fact thats not even the case! So with them the obvious answer is NO, even if its an afternoon event.And cab transport is bloody expensive esp to out of town destinations.This is just my opinion cause i go through it. I hate making excuses but it is what it is.


    1. You see it is making sure you let them understand that Zim Fashion industry is not about that. Being a model is different, and yeah sex drugs and stuff happen. When you take a cab with 3 other people from town, that is 3 dollars total, so a dollar per person. After taking a combi from home that is 50 cents to get to and fro town. I mean I do not drink while on the blogging job, I use it to get to know people who are into the business side. Not the druggie models. I started by having to sleep over at my best friends house to attend events when maybe they do not want to open the gate when I come in late.


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