Farai by @FaraiSimoyi – Harare LAUNCH

Farai by Farai Simoyi, made in NYC come to HRE

Harare, Zimbabwe – Farai Simoyi, a NYC based designer from Zimbabwe launched her branch in Harare on Friday the 19th October at PASSPORT boutique, an open invite party with drinks and eats as people looked at her beautiful clothing. I made sure I was going to attend soon after work I had already arrived; I was riding solo as my usual accomplice was working late that evening.

Familiar faces included the Catherine Ruze Modelling Agency director Shamiso Ruze who provided the models and The Mutendis of Jewel Magazine, fashion magazine in Harare who collaborated with Farai Simoyi to make this happen. It was all a bit weird as I recognised most people who were probably trying to figure out why I was staring at them in awe. Priscilla Chigariro and her brother Virimai Chigariro were also present. Priscilla wearing a Maita Marimo neon green dress. Loads and loads of fans from Harare were present, from Radio DJs Lochnation and TBass from ZiFM Stereo, ZimboJam family, Chocolate Princess Co. ladies and most importantly The Simoyi family crew was definitely the sweetest crowd of all the guests. Everyone had drinks JC Le Roux, Robertsons Wine, Amarula & Coca-Cola company drinks and eats were open for all the fans.

Besides all the people who were present I was busy whispering “I Love You / You are so gorgeous” to her clothing. I love the details in Farai by Farai Simoyi clothing was impeccable. The tags were made of transparent hard board plastic with the name of the label written, making it stand out amongst the other clothes in the boutique. Models were wearing the pieces and Zimbabwe Fashion Week Top Model, Chipo was looking like a tall beautiful creature in a golden dress.

Farai Simoyi taking videographical material inside the PASSPORT boutique

Bold print was definitely present and there is a bohemian elegance aspect to her clothing. The two words that seem to oppose each other “Bohemian” and “Classy” have found a way to turn into beautiful pieces that speak a lot about my style. Born in London to Zimbabwean parents, growing up in Zimbabwe and the US to launching in NYC after furthering studies in Milan, Farai Simoyi launched her debut collection in 2010. Calling her new brand ‘FARAI’ a representation of Soft/Steel/Bohemian”, it is a symbiotic juxtaposition of the styles and experiences gained in Africa, Appalachia, Europe and the streets of NYC: woman, warrior, wayward traveler.

Bold Coloured clothes on the racks
One piece clothing, tops/skirts by Farai by Farai Simoyi
Chipo (Catherine Ruze Model) – In Golden dress from Farai Simoyi Resort Collection 2012

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10 thoughts on “Farai by @FaraiSimoyi – Harare LAUNCH

  1. lt was an awesome event, Enter My World Events had the pleasure of doing the still photos and the visuals. Any one present that is interested in getting the glorious pics contact me. Farai is growing yet she remains very grounded and real.

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