Real Hair on Minnie Dlamini – Motions Hair

Motions hair care range caused a rage when they put an advert with Minnie Dlamini selling a hairspray product with a weave in her head. It is how she said her hair just soaks up the spray very well. So this perhaps had a mixed message on people not understanding whether it can be used on ethnic hair relaxed or natural. The damage control is now how Minehle is now sporting her hair in hairstyles that show her real hair more.

African Hair Blog blogger Tendayi attended the SA Fashion Week which had a hair show component read all about it here. She took a photo of Minnie in her real hair with a beautiful hair-piece on the top of her head giving an elegant mohawk/high pony style.

Minnie Dlamini at SAFW with a mohawk style

Her look was absolutely fabulous and her make-up made her look young and classy.

Minehle Dlamini at the Hair Show

What do you think of Minnie’s Look??

Robin. xxx


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