Boredzilla and BROKE for days: Cheap fun

hey! So I know the money doesn’t always come allowing so much luxuries even in terms of recreation. I compiled a list of random stuff to do and not break the bank. I believe the best things in life are (almost) free!

This is a result of boredom… taking your own photos with your own hand..not cool!
  1. Friday night and you have no money to go out? Slumber party with friends popcorn and drinks and Movies from Avondale Fleamarket Bootleg sections, you could even have a braai.
  2. Bronte Hotel gives guests a free copy of Ndeipi. Get right in and get a copy and sit in their nice garden and buy a drink so they don’t nag you. Ndeipi also has information on other fun stuff in town.
  3. Golden Stairs Nursery, little pets section hamsters, birds plus 1 dollar coffee at coffee shop
  4. MAC workshops for $5 by Make Up Artist Zimbabwe, October 7th look for Make Up Artist Zimbabwe on Facebook and inbox her.
  5. Start a creative hobby, create digital collages, have a flower bed or vegetable bed project, start a blog or print digital photos and frame them or create a collage wall.
  6. Have sandwiches at fancy Spars – Bridge, Aethinitis and Arundel Village with friends.
  7. DIY projects, transform your clothing, dazzle your clothes and have a photo shoot with your friends and have a FB album for it.
  8. Learn some of the Zimbabwean culture. Visit the National Gallery, Museums, Botanical gardens to learn something about your country’s diversity
  9. Take a botanical weekend getaway to visit Mukuvisi Woodlands in Harare and go with a friend. You can also visit on group date setting where mutual friends meet up and you make new friends.
  10. Get a free makeup application Greenwood Pharmacy in Fifth Street and Fife Avenue can use their makeup on u to test use tester perfume and voila fabulous but pay nothing.
  11. To get free beauty treatments (manicure, eyebrows etc) go to a beauty school academy to sign up to be a demonstration person for exams for students. Natural Beauty Academy, Lomagundi is an example. (Just Google for more)

There is no excuse to be bored in Harare. Things may be expensive but you can look and feel good even when the cash isnt flowing. Enjoy your week 🙂


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