When I went to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2012

So after two weeks in a foreign land, I experienced some health issues and most of all … beauty issues. The climate is hot and I could not even find an opportunity to dress appropriately for photos and walking. That means I spent my time in super comfy clothing. I figured my trip was all about shopping and brought some average clothes to wear.

After finding that the average clothes like my shorts could not fit my “ABOVE-AVERAGE” ass any longer.. it was tough man. However I did find some nice clothing from a shop I read only in Magazines, “Forever 21”, that was one of many places I searched for stuff to wear. Most of the clothes turned out to be dresses and yellow chunky heels.

Batu Caves was nice, so nice that I looked so horrendous… to donate to my hair that Malaysian weather hated Dial 1-800-NAPPY-WEAVE to place a donation.

So yeah I had bad hair and shone like that Golden Statue, except not looking so hot. I am a human being and my hair soaks up moisture. It isn’t a fashion event, what counted was the beauty of the place and the good times spent at the place. Yours who is not always in-fashion, but loves it.



4 thoughts on “When I went to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2012

  1. Love this post, Robyn, because 1) you’re blogging about my home city 🙂 and 2) because I totally understand where you’re at about the humidity in KL and its impact on a girl’s appearance! I should be used to it after growing up there, but whenever I head back for a visit now (living in Australia right now), the humidity kills me, makes all my clothes sticky and uncomfortable, my hair falls limp and my face turns into a shiny, oily monster! My must-haves are blotting papers, lots of shorts and tank tops plus a cardigan whenever you head out of the heat into the crazy air-conditioning of the shopping malls, or maxi/summer dresses! P.S. did you check out the shoe shops when you’re there?


    1. Hey, thanks for checking out my post. I did check out the shoe shops and they were absolutely awesome. I had never been in a ZARA and H&M the day I visited the Batu Caves. Sunway Pyramid and the amusement park was so much fun, the next time I go to those climatic zone I now know what clothing to wear and I will definitely be getting cornrows or braids. LOL. I love KL so much, even though my lotion gets sticky everytime I head out.


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