The Good Wife: First Lady Style

Engagement Picture. Okay where do I start. I think that she is too old for the style of dress is very “party girl” like. The Lace-front and fake lashes do not make her an approachable Mother Figure as PM’s wife should be. The future husband is going to tun the nations ministry, that outfit won’t win votes for elections sorry. Image is everything.

So I am away from my home country and there is all this talk about the Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai in a bit of a tangle with the many women he has been involved with coming out. It is sounding like a Tiger Woods story of many women coming out in the open. So far 3 have been in the press.

In fact the story now going all over the web is the wedding the Prime Minister had planned for September 15 to Elizabeth Macheka. Lorcadia the customary wife to the PM objected to the union of the two. At the moment I am not s.ure what news provider to believe on who is the official PM’s wife.

However as a fashion enthusiast I have the obvious question.

Does the style of the possible Prime Minister’s Wife reflect how a woman in such a position should dress?

A First Lady/PM’s wife in most countries represents the women/mothers of a nation. They hold a certain stature and are definitely the most photographed women in politics. So no matter what, the woman should reflect the same type of stature and represent the pillar behind the great politician she is married to. Before she starts speaking or starting projects, her style reflects a lot on how she respects the people.

I am not impressed with the style of Elizabeth Macheka at all. In terms of style Lorcardia knew how to dress way better like a Lady.

Basically to be a Good Wife, it is about being culturally acceptable. By following your own cultural style or the country’s style. African leader’s wives need to wear traditional prints and designs or dress like the Queen of England. It is this cultural acceptability that made us love Princess Diana, Kate Middleton, Michelle Obama, Sally Mugabe, Graca Machel and Hillary Clinton. The First Lady of Zimbabwe dresses in African Headgear and descent hairstyles, because image is an important part of politics. By being the “Good Wife” they avoid being coined the gold digger, it is all a matter of image in the business of politics.

Here is how  she compares to other women of highly powerful men, who dress like a Good Wife.

Whatever happens with the PM’s personal life. I just hope his wife will follow the style of iconic stylista wives in Politics the world over.


Photo Credit: Google Images


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