#NYFW Nicki Minaj & Jason Wu SS2013

#NYFW fever has come after #ZFW had passed. I stayed at home the whole weekend (nothing new), so I had time to be living the Fashion Week experience on my laptop by looking at runway pictures.

So this past weekend I was looking through some runway shots of shows and I enjoyed the Jason Wu SS2013. The reason is not because I had ever heard about him, but it was the beautiful garments he showcased. The collection had navy, leather, lace. sheer, nude and corset designs. It took a risk and it could have looked tacky, but it looks like a well crafted high-fashion collection.

Jason Wu NYFW SS2013
Jason Wu SS2013 sheer dress

I am a huge fan of Nicki Minaj’s style especially in her music videos. I could have sworn that one of the dresses by Jason Wu was the costume Nicki Minaj wore for her “Right By My Side” video.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So what do you think, coincidence or lack of originality on Jason Wu’s part??



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