The Turban Movement

How to Make a fashion statement: Turbans

With my hair needing a break and me hating the idea of having to cater to it, I am pretty much unsure on how to make this hair problem go away. On twitter a fellow blogger called Tendy was agitated by a bad experience with the official hairdresser for an event she was attending. I told her maybe she should do a turban.

My solution to anything that doesn’t look the way you want it to, is to cover it up. Covering up hair stylishly with a turban works. So here it is.

Turban  (tûrbn) noun.

1. A traditionally Muslim headdress consisting of a long scarf of linen, cotton, or silk that is wound around a small cap or directly around the head.
2. A woman’s close-fitting hat that consists of material wound around a small inner cap
The trend has been here since 2011 and is the new “Bad Hair Day” Solution.
A way of sprucing up big-hair hairstyles with African print scarves

Nicole Scherzinger rocking a knitted ready-to-wear turban hat. (Love the skirt as well 🙂 )
Kourtney Kardashian rocking a turban in a lovely bright colour

Turbans work for women of any ethnicity. A turban can be made with african print scarf and you can tie it yourself OR it comes in hat form so you can easily wear it. When I tried to do a DIY turban, it was not so successful. It was so bad I am ashamed of posting the pic. However feel free to try it out I posted about it here.



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