Fashion Week Nostalgia

Suffering from fashion withdrawal symptoms. You see, *cues sad violin music* it has been a week since opening night and I cannot help but lust over some pieces of clothing. 😥 …

Zimbabwe Fashion Week 2012 has come and gone, now all I wait for is AFI Mercedes-Benz Africa Fashion Week in October, where designers from Zimbabwe that made the top positions are going to showcase. I am also hoping the top models will make it for the auditions to model in the biggest fashion show on the continent.

I have compiled a photo summary of some of the work presented by Southern African designers who we had the pleasure to watch. If there is one thing I learnt from Fashion Week it was that clothing is better in person than when it is photographed. Photographs can distort the colour of the garment depending on how the lens interacts with the lighting settings. In other words, it was even more beautiful than what you see in the pictures below.

Intisaar Mukadam – This suit is absolutely beautiful live and very flattering.
Simon Deiner / SDR Photo
Shaldon Kopman – Naked Ape Style ; loving the very tailored gentleman look.
Simon Deiner / SDR Photo
Alpha Rose – Yvonne Watadza ; This floral easy flowing dress is very flirty and flowing. This is definitely the Alpha Rose touch of effortless elegance.
Simon Deiner / SDR Photo
Zuvva by Joyce Chimanye; The dress made of lace and embellished in lovely sparkly jewels. This dress was wonderfully made and a definite lust-have.
Simon Deiner / SDR Photo
Sibonile Chimanikire – The Police dress was a definite show stopper and favourite piece for the crowd.
Simon Deiner / SDR Photo
Rumbidzai Ngwarai’s “Linear Addiction” – Lovely pants with a futuristic feel.
Simon Deiner / SDR Photo
“Beautiful” Faithwear Collection. Chiedza modelling a flared short, smart blouse and nice blouse.
Simon Deiner / SDR Photo
“Resurrection” by Bisma Ahmed Modelled by Malaika Mushandu (2011 Miss Zimbabwe). The collection was made of high quality fabrics with eastern influence with the beauty of Africa. It was very glamorous and culturally descent with jewels and lace on deluxe fabrics.
Simon Deiner / SDR Photo
“I am not coloured, I am colour” David Tlale’s collection was the most anticipated collection of the event. I loved the lace skirt which was bedazzled and all white collection.
Simon Deiner / SDR Photo

PHOTO CREDIT: The photographs are sourced from SDR Photography from Cape Town South Africa that took the wonderful pictures. Event/Location:  Zimbabwe Fashion Week 2012/VW Showroom in Harare. Photographer/Photography: Simon Deiner/ SDR Photo

Robin. xx



2 thoughts on “Fashion Week Nostalgia

  1. The alpha rose dress looks super comfy and classy! And those faith wear flowy shorts are too cute- will they be available in the faithwear stores? The linear addiction pant are also hawtz!


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