ZFW Day 1: “Designers…Make it Work!”

Backstage action, it was choosing shoes, matching models to the clothing and all the craziness backstage. Whilst working behind the scenes it was really hectic. It was all about saying to the designers “Make it work!”,just before the runway for Alpha Rose I was teaching the new models how to smile with their eyes. It got so crazy I even said “GET OUT!” to a camera man who was recording models changing, I could have beat him up too. Sure I missed the fashion show, but behind the scenes has its own unique experience.

Shaldon Kopman, Naked Ape Style designer from South Africa showcased his line and it was absolutely beautiful. The collection had linen pants, smart blazers, shorts, suiting pants, waistcoats. I saw him backstage and he was very strict about how he wanted his line to be showcased by the models; he checked their walks one by one. One model must have been intimidated as he walked rather awkward as he was being told to walk like a gentlemen. I admire people with standards and a vision for their line, his vision is definitely to dress like a Gentlemen.

Shaldon Kopman, sorting out the model with the weird walk.

Otherwise for the rest of the time I was helping Alpha Rose collection to set up after Miss Mukadam’s collection. The crowd loved Yvonne‘s (House of Alpha Rose) collection. Joyce Chimanye‘s collection was at ten after some Toya Delazy singing. It is nice to see how successful women are in fashion, with the guest of honour being Opah Muchinguri and the director of Zimbabwe Fashion Week being Priscilla Chigariro (Dressed by House of Alpha Rose). Here are the rest of the pictures from  yesterday in a gallery.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now for Day 2, Young Designers show at 8pm :)… till tomorrow.

Robin 😉


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