Photo-Story: Day Before the ZFW2012 Opening

So today I found myself (and my very bad hair ) at the VW Showroom. I had hoped to get media accreditation but oh well, I took pictures instead. This is the day before Zimbabwe Fashion Week and in fact there was an invite only dinner today (which I obviously was not invited to, here I am at home blogging 🙂 ).

Priscilla Chigariro the sole owner and founder of Zimbabwe Fashion Week, amongst her many other things that needed to be done, had a video commercial with a cute VW whilst she talked about Zimbabwe Fashion Week/Volkswagen. It was definitely cool for me experiencing a commercial being made as they show it on America’s Next Top Model. She must have been thinking, what is up with the girl with the crazy hair and she is the only one taking pictures.

Each picture has a little story… enjoy

Priscilla learning her script with the director working on the perfect lighting
Lights camera action! at the background. Whilst the stylist for ZFW, Kate is “making it work” (NB her Louis bag and MacBook.
Smize Priscilla … show them how modelling is done
ACTION! Camera is rolling! As Priscilla aces her lines.
It is either she was posing or saying to me, “Seriously, You are just standing there taking pictures child?”

Robin 😉


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