Zimbabwe Fashion Week: Press Release

So today was my debut as media for Zimbabwe Fashion Week and I was the first person there because I like being too early. So nobody knew who I was, but I knew who everyone was. I met fashion bloggers, magazine editors, photographers, ZimTop Models (in striking leopard print outfits) and the lovely Zimbabwe Fashion Week crew. Volkswagen  (product placement – 🙂 ) is sponsoring the event so they also showed their representatives.

The ZFW team introduced their team and toured the venue with us. I must say I had a million questions because I did not know a thing! So am going to BUY front row tickets for some shows and get normal tickets for other shows. Just because I am media, doesn’t mean I cannot enjoy the shows.

Left to Right: Asa Jodi, owner of RedBar; Leanna Blythe-Wood, the event curator for the show; Priscilla Chigariro, founder and proprietor of Zimbabwe Fashion Week; Charlie Van De Merwe, PR and social media; Kate, event stylist for models make-up and styling.
The ZFW2012 team sitting at the table by their name boards. These people know how to smize.
A collage of the different people (+dog) present at the Press Release

I loved how Leanna came with her dog, I had to take a picture. The Mutendi’s of Jewel Magazine also came with the cutest baby of all time. The Fashion Bloggers were tweeting away and the models stole the show with the outfits.

Love Fashion, Love Zimbabwe, til next time, deuces!!



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