Budget HAIR: Texlaxing

So the medium between natural and relaxed is texlaxing. This is using a relaxer to get a more manageable hair texture. It is so pretty I regret ever relaxing in the first place.

So After reading a tutorial here is what I decided to do:

  1. I bought Dark and Lovely regular relaxer, Vitamin E oil and Coconut Oil.
  2. After undoing my hair, I noticed my hairline on one of the sides always let’s go of my hair when it gets plaited. So I decided will texlax my hair from hence forth.
  3. I covered my hair in coconut oil and vitamin E oil overnight from scalp to tips, as an overnight base.
  4. When I was relaxing I took the retouch portion and added vitamin E oil and mixed it in well; before the creme activator.
  5. I then based my scalp with coconut oil and vitamin E.
  6. I followed the relaxer instructions to use activator creme and only relaxed new growth hair.
  7. I decided to smooth without combing and in the last 5 minutes of the 15 minutes put chemical on my hairline.
  8. I used Motions Deep Silk Protein conditioner afterwards under a cap and head wrap for close to an hour, with vitamin E oil (my hair is thick) then combed it after relaxer, Voila!! Minimal Hair Breakage.

After oiling with my two oils blow dried the hair after some air drying

For where I got my tips —> click here <—

Here is my hair TEXLAXED 🙂

my different hair texture, in a bid to save my hairlin



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