How to survive HIGH HEELS

When I was 18 in my 1st year in University, I remember saying how much heels were unnecessary and just a hassle. Well few years down the line I now collect shoes. A short person like myself sometimes needs a bit of height when going out so it is important to learn how to walk properly.

I have seen people struggle walking in high heels and now there is a platform craze in Harare. The Harare roads are not exactly platform friendly mind you so here it is:

When wearing heels:

  • Try the heels out at home first. Walk around the house in the heels as you do chores or walk around the house. I even danced to my favourite songs in the heels before actually going outside the house wearing them.
  • Use foot cushions to make wearing the shoes as comfortable as possible.
  • When you are starting out on wearing heels, start with easier heels to walk in. Start with wedges, low court shoes, chunky low heel before you start wearing the sky-high stilettos.
  • Understand the terrain which you will be walking in and how often you will be able to sit down. If you are going to have very little time to sit down, then wear wedges/chunky low heels.

How to walk in heels

  • Take small sure steps when walking.
  • Practice by walking with your foot pointed to make sure your foot steps on the ground front first.

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