Budget Savvy: SKIN CARE

So I have fairly good combination skin, but allergies mean pimples can be a real problem. The problem with combination skin. you have to use different products for the different regions. So by understanding how your skin reacts, you can choose the right products for your skin.

Now I am very budget savvy when it comes to essentials like skin care and hair care. The best solution is to stop listening to the adverts and start paying attention to your skin.

FACEWASH – $10.00

Garnier Pure 3 in 1 acts as a wash, scrub and mask. That means three products for the price of one. It works on my skin as the ingredients fight the acne on the oily parts of my face. T-zone and my chin are very oily.


I use Aloe Vera Gel by Lemex as Aloe Vera is good for skin. For SPF I use Black Opal Fade range, the moisturizer. I hoarded the Black Opal  Fade Cream, which changed its suppliers so now no surprise that they do not have the stock. Black Opal Zimbabwe should do better.


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