Budget Savvy Fashion 1: HAIR

So I am saving up for something, so a big chunk of my money went into my savings leaving me with about $30 odd bucks. It’s Zimbabwe, savings means 100%. So in order to live large later, I live little now. So I have about 3 inches of 2 month post relaxer hair. My hair is bushy and brittle…when its maintained better it’s actually really nice looking.

I washed my hair and am contemplating doing the natural hair thing for a while, so no relaxer for me. I have decided to get cornrows with no extensions because they are cheaper and very retro. It is also a very natural hair looking style. I am not going to get extensions because they damaged my hairline the other time.

Alicia Keys rocked this look and always looked very fly

Alicia Keys aka Mrs SWIZZ Beats, looking very chic in cornrows

Solution to cheap hairstyles: CORNROWS




6 thoughts on “Budget Savvy Fashion 1: HAIR

  1. YEAHHHHY! WELCOME TO THE NATURAL HAIR WORLD GIRL! NICE TO HAVE YOU HERE. Lol, it’s great for saving money yes but it would save you even more if you could do them yourself and save time and money travelling to the salon too.

    I have also decided to stop using extensions because of the same reason you have, I am using this product T447, within the 6 days that I have begun to use it, I kid you not, my hairline has ACTUALLY improved! If it works I am pretty sure I will be preaching far and wide to help other people in the same situation.

    Oh and I just wanted to ask, how long have you been relaxing your hair for, how old were you when you had your first relaxer and have you ever gone 100% natural before, BC included?..x

    (I love your posts)


    1. LOL… I have not said I am a natural yet though. and I have never been 100% natural ..for long anyway… I did a BC in December but I texlaxed it to get box braids done. My first failed relaxer was when I was 6, then later when I was 9 I had a good hairstylist who always stretched my relaxer for me, she mostly did OT because my hair is very soft anyway.

      My reasons for not doing extensions is the hairline for this month, but its box braids next month. 3 inch hair is a problem tho,


      1. Oh ok then. I don’t understand this texturiser stuff, is it just not the same as relaxing? And oh ok, I used to have extensions often aswell.

        So you are just growing your hair out at the moment? And are you using anything specifically for the hair line? I heard Amla also helps for the hairline (but I just use it to moisturise).


  2. I just wish Zim had more salons that catered for natural hair. I have been 100% natural for the past two years, i kept trimming it before, but now, it’s really long and getting a bit unmanageable.

    Can’t relax my hair coz it gets really thin and i swear you can count every hair in my head…lol…so i keep it 100% natural,bushy and very soft.I’m contemplating locks, but at the moment it’s weaves and braids every month, proving quite expensive for me.

    @misslinc, where can i buy T447?i have a pathetic hairline!i’ve tried Amla and Dr miracles can’t say much about the results coz my hair is always in weaves! …yet to try castor and coconut oil


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