Shape Issue: Love your body

I read an article in Glamour SA and it got me thinking about my new body shape. I would like to say it gave me the advantage of shopping new clothes and having no-one that fits my size. I am in a way also gaining weight alongside my mom. What bothers me is not the fact that I have a “gigantic rear” (mind you, the person who coined that phrase was just saying), its that its everyone’s punchline. So the article in Glamour magazine told me my Shape inspiration is NICKI MINAJ and yes she has a boob job and suspected butt implants. My excuse however is mine are real… real flesh alright.

Nicki Minaj, PEAR SHAPE inspiration for my body type

So let me love my body shape and appreciate your body shape, regardless. Someone famous has your body shape and is in the public eye. So love the skin you are in and know how to dress it well. So if my fashion becomes crazy like not ask.



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