Project Runway: Alpha Rose Production

Production in the House of Alpha Rose shop has started! I decided to look at the machinery and tools that are set to help build this empire through production. “The essence of elegance” House of Alpha Rose is covering a niche in African fashion that seemed to be missing in Zimbabwe.

Unlike other budding wannabe designers, the designer has industry experience, maturity and an education in fashion. It is named Alpha Rose, meaning the beginning (Alpha) of something beautiful (Rose). The rose is surely blooming this Spring, click on her name to learn more about Yvonne Ndawana-Watadza.

These are the other entities of the empire that deserve some recognition.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Cannot wait since Spring is also the time for the Zimbabwe Fashion Week 2012. Alpha Rose will be showcasing a never-before-seen collection that will only be available in her shop afterwards. That means that an interim collection is being made for the shop, meaning MORE CLOTHES!! The Rose is blooming this Spring.




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