Fashion: Weekend Edition

This week I went out and decided on the denim and leopard print combination, however I had a shoe crisis. Yes, I could not decide on a pair!!! So I took both shoes along and changed when the leopard prints were too painful (Size smaller but pain is Love).

Both these pairs of shoes have sentimental value. I got them as gifts for people who support the cause of shoe addiction 😉 . Those two people I absolutely love very much.

The dress, is from Elixir the boutique (only) in Grahamstown. That dress was bought guilt free with money I had got from my first job. It was a size ten when I was a size eight, but I had to get into it (even if it was the last thing I was known to have done.) I wore a t-shirt from Mango Basics inside because it is so cold here.

The bag, is a vintage piece I got from a consignment shop at Arundel Village. Completed the look with Cameo Chocolate pulling socks to have a natural color, with smokey-eye, blue mascara and a pink lipstick.

The denim dress, t-shirt and nude shoes and the black shoes I carried

The alternative shoes are the Zucca Leopard print shoes

The size 5 shoes I will squeeze in Zucca shoes
Nine West shoes (wore them for my graduation… very lucky shoes these are)

I had a lovely weekend and let me just say I got a lot of stares and compliments. Stay fabulous!

Have a lovely week

Robin 🙂


4 thoughts on “Fashion: Weekend Edition

  1. we would have loved to see how you looked robyn..! sounds like u were rocking a nice look! is that a corset dress? on white tee wit leopard prints, sounds nice,


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